Kylie Stevens

When caught between two evils, I generally pick the one I've never tried before.

About Me

Hello lovers, my name is Kylie Stevens and welcome to your sweet escape.

Let me begin by saying I am based in Los Angeles . This is my first year venturing out of the UTR world (under the radar) ! into the sea of endless possibilities where I hope we will discover one another!

Over the past few years I have been doing duos with some well-established companions. I personally found these encounters to be exhilarating, and was quickly swept away by the connection, pleasure, and excitement of it all.

I am educated and have a professional career that I am very passionate about. However, something about 2023 shifted my mindset, and I declared that life is too short to work all week and only have fun on the weekends. I found it almost impossible to contain my wild, primal urges , which is why I decided to indulge in both of my passions, and here we are! With that said, cheers to 2024 and to creating some wildly delicious memories together!

I will be keeping my professional career part-time; this means that my availability is limited, and I choose to spend this time with considerate, kind, and like-minded souls who share an affinity for some of life’s more hedonistic pleasures.

Those who know me would likely describe me as down to earth, tender-hearted, outgoing, and playful. I am well-traveled and LOVE connecting with all different types of personalities and people from all walks of life.

I am 100% versatile and will be the best “plus one” you have ever had! Whether we are at an upscale event, a rock-n-roll concert, a museum, or even at a local bar watching a sports game, I go with the flow and can always find a way to enjoy myself and will definitely be turning heads .

On an intimate level, I will help you relax in our own private oasis. Here we will both unwind and indulge in each other while we effortlessly drift away from the mundane demands of daily life. My free-spirited nature yearns to create a space where you feel completely comfortable to explore your most erotic desires and kinky fetishes. I welcome and embrace all your naughtiness and curiosities! Nothing brings me more pleasure than the look, sound, and energy exuded from a fully satisfied lover. Think of me as self care!

When I am not working, you can find me at the beach playing in the waves like a true mermaid, hiking in the mountains, exploring new restaurants, as well as live music venues and comedy shows.

I truly believe that life is an extraordinary gift and that every last drop should be savored…

Don’t you agree ?

Kylie 💋 xoxo

Her eyes have their own vocabulary; what a beautiful language to learn.


  • 1 hr / 800 ( Hypnotic introduction )
  • 90 mins / 1200 ( Treasured moments ) [Outcall: $1400]
  • 2 hrs /1600(Unforgettable rendezvous ) [Outcall: $1800]
  • 3 hrs / 2400 ( A magical encounter )
  • 4 hrs / 3200 ( Dessert and then some )
  • 6 hr/ 4000 ( Immersive experience)
  • Couples/ +500 per booking ( Double the pleasure )

Outcall: 2 hour minimum depending on distance

►25% deposit mandatory for all bookings

50% deposit required for all couples or encounters over +3 hours

►For dates that exceed 3 hours please include some form of social activity (ie: dinner, drinks, etc). If you need extra privacy and wish to only stay in the room, please add ( 300).

►Please add ( 300 ) to date requests after 10pm

  • 12 hrs / 5000 ( Slumber party with morning snuggles )
  • 24 hrs / 7000 ( Me & you against the world
  • FMTY /(Romantic GFE getaway ) 4 hr + flight/ hotel
  • ►For inquires regarding weekend getaways or extended encounters please email me. I am very adventurous and find spontaneity to be extremely sexy!

    ►Incall: West LA
    ►Outcall: OC & Santa Barbara 2hrs+
    San Diego 4hrs+


    I understand that life can sometimes get in the way of our plans. Should you need to reschedule our date, I’m happy to accommodate you within reason.
    Cancellations any time after confirmation will incur a 25% cancellation fee. However, if you are able to reschedule within 72 hours of your cancellation, and my schedule permits it, I will honor the 25% towards our next date as a courtesy to you.


    Base city: Los Angeles
    Age: 35
    Height: 5’6
    Weight in lbs: 120
    Hair: Caramel
    Eye color: Brown
    Shoe size: 7.5
    Dress size: Small
    Measurements: 34B-25-34
    Zodiac sign: Libra
    Ethnicity: Caucasian


    Likes: Romance, good hygiene, kindness, punctuality, playful & engaging dialogue, and lasting / meaningful connections.

    Dislikes: Poor hygiene, disrespect, tardiness, meanness, aggression
    Favorite flower: Roses
    Favorite drink: Champagne, tequila, sauvignon blanc, smokey scotch ….
    ( depends on my mood )
    Favorite food: Italian


    I look forward to meeting you! To ensure that our experience gets off to a smooth start, please arrive on time and always be respectful, well-groomed, and clean. Please have a pre-counted gift ready upon my arrival and placed in a greeting card or envelope where I can see it. If we are meeting in public, please place my gift in a discrete item such as a card or gift bag.
    Gifts are not to be discussed ever during our time together.
    If you wish to extend our date, please come prepared.

    Book me

    Please send me an email requesting a booking to

    Please include:
    1. Day/Time/City Inquiring about
    2. First & Last Name/Phone/Email
    3. References or ID/Selfie
    4. Deposit preference (Venmo, Cash app)

    This is to assure my safety.
    If I cannot verify you, I cannot see you.
    Your information is never saved or compromised.
    I am not affiliated with any agency, so all your information is strictly confidential between you and I.
    Integrity is highly important for me, as I’m sure it is for you. I respect your privacy and hope you will do the same in return for me.


    5/19-5/22 San Jose
    5/22-5/23 San Francisco
    6/2-6/5. St Louis MO

    Please email me if you have any request for me to visit these cities!

    San Diego
    Santa Barbara
    Orange County
    San Francisco
    San jose

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    I only like two kinds of men: foreign and domestic.